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Joseph Lewis, In the Name of Humanity, NY Eugenics Pub. Co., 1949. The first book to tell it as it is.

Wallerstein, Edward. Circumcision: An American Health Fallacy. Springer Publishing Company, New York (1980). (Out of Print) (The text of this book is now available by attached file in either PC or Mac format from NOCIRC. Contact NOCIRC by email at

J. Steven Svoboda, Robert S. Van Howe, James G. Dwyer, "Informed Consent for Neonatal Circumcision: An Ethical and Legal Conundrum." 17 J Contemporary Health Law and Policy 61 (2000).

Roemary Romberg, Circumcision, the Painful Dilemma, Bergin & Garvey Publishers, Inc. Mass., 1985. This book is out of print but available in some local libraries (like the Bismarck Public Library). The author is in the process of making this book available in a CD format.

Joseph Lewis, In the Name of Humanity, 1947. A lone voice in the woods.

Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth, by Carol Delaney, professor of anthropology at Stanford University and biblical scholar. She talks about the trial of Cristos Valenti, a man who heard the voice of god telling him to kill his youngest and most beloved daughter in January of 1990, and Cristos obeyed. Abraham was used as the model and the story was central to the trial. The rest of the book discusses that model and its meaning within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is revealing and fascinating. Comments by Marilyn Milos.

Kathreen O'Hara, Sex as Nature Intended It. >

David Reiner, As Nature Made Him. A boy who lost his penis during a circumcision was surgically altered to be a "female" and unsuccessfully raised as a girl.

Jewish Women Speak Out: Expanding the Boundaries of Psychology, Kalya Weiner and Arinna Moon, eds.

What's Happening to My Body? Book for Boys , new THIRD edition (important--new edition ONLY) by Lynda Madaras; contains EXTENSIVE pro-intact info!

 THE 8th DAY, A documentary by Keren Markuze   > "My first vivid memory is my brother's circumcision. I was five. He - like most Jewish babies undergoing the ritual of brit mila - was eight days old. I remember being fascinated by the whole event. I don't remember thinking there was anything wrong with it.
     Thirteen years later, I went to work at the Jerusalem Post in Israel. There, I was assigned a story on the practice of female ritual genital surgery among the country's Bedouin tribes. I discovered a practice that most Israelis abhorred, and considered primitive and barbaric. I was hard pressed to disagree; though the circumcision performed on Bedouin women was an incision quite minor in severity compared to the clitorectomies done in other parts of the world...."

Mothers Against Circumcision Bookstore.

Germaine Greer, The Whole Woman, published in 2000. Her (as its cover claims) "number one bestseller" new book,  has a chapter titled "mutilation". The first four pages of this chapter (119 to top of 122) contain some sizeable and very QUOTABLE commentary on male circumcision, which she refers to consistently as male genital mutilation and male mutilation.  

CIRCUMCISION EXPOSED: Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition by Billy Ray Boyd

Geoffrey Miller. "Circumcision: A Legal-Cultural Analysis," 9 Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law 498-585 (2002.


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