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      This page provides a list of North Dakota physicians who continue to circumcise normal penises, prematurely retract their foreskins or solicit the unnecessary surgery. Another list will be compiled of physicians who refuse to solicit, cut or retract the normal foreskin of minor male infants and children.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, parents' preferences are irrelevant regarding the circumcision of healthy foreskins: See the AAP guidelines for consent:

“...‘proxy consent’ poses serious problems for pediatric health care providers. Such providers have legal and ethical duties to their child patients to render competent medical care
based on what the patient needs, not what someone else expresses....The pediatrician's responsibilities to his or her patient exist independent of parental desires or proxy consent" Pediatrics, 2/95 (emphasis added).

We do not provide medical advice. Consult with physicians who are informed on the normal anatomical development and physiology of the genitals of children about any problems that may arise. Even if parents protect their sons as infants, our culture has an history of cutting boys and men rather than using less invasive treatments for problems which are often caused by inappropriate physician care and information.

The decision to perform penile reduction surgery on healthy individuals is not a medical issue. It is a moral and legal issue on which physicians are not uniquely qualified. Our position (in light of the AAP statement on proxy consent above) affirms the right of the individual to make his own decision on whether to live with diminished genitals.  Parents do not have the moral or legal right to cut their son's healthy genitals nor hand them over to another to redesign with a knife. Physicians do not have the right to usurp the child's rights in complying with a parent's requests to have the child cut.

If you need medical advice, we may be able to put you in contact with a physician who understands the normal anatomical development of children. Perhaps in time the following lists will be helpful in locating competent physicians in our communities.

The information provided comes from many sources: public pronouncements by individual physicians, from people who have had experience with the physician, from those employed by the physician or clinic where the physician practices. We also encourage you to solicit  information directly from physicians. If you provide us with information. we will post it. If any information is found to be incorrect or out of date, we will update it immediately.  

Fortunately more and more physicians are learning the developing foreskin is not meant to be manipulated or pushed back until it matures and detaches from the glans penis on its own. More and more physicians are refusing to cut, even though it may still have a negative impact on their income. Some are refusing even to solicit parents to have their sons circumcised. We want to do all we can to reward those physicians who are up to date on the foreskin's normal physiology and who protect the bodily integrity of their infant and child patients.

  • Billing Medicaid for balanitis or phimosis when the child's penile anatomy is normal and healthy is Medicaid fraud. (Causing iatrogenic (doctor caused) balanitis or phimosis by prematurely retracting the foreskin and tearing the synecial connections is malpractice.)

  • Frightening parents into complying with unneeded circumcision of their child is fraud.

  • Failing to fully inform parents that the procedure is not a medical issue, and that there can be serious complications, including death, is fraud.

  • Circumcising healthy children at the request of parents is malpractice. It violates the physician's Oath to First Do No Harm and violates the North Dakota Century Code's prohibition on following a pattern of unnecessary surgery.

Physicians who:

Physician and Affiliation

Manipulate Healthy Foreskins Solicit Unnecessary Surgery Cut Healthy Infants' Penises

Bill Medicaid for the Amputation

Name/Title/Place Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No
Emanuel Neto, Uroloigy, Trinity Medical Center, Minot Yes Yes Yes ?
Darwin Lange,  MD Family Practice, Q & R Clinic Mandan North Yes Yes Yes


Roger Allen, Neonatology and Pediatrics, Trinity Medical Center, Minot


Yes Yes ?
Craig Shoemaker, Neonatology, Formerly of MeritCare, Fargo Yes Yes Yes ?
Foreskin Friendly Physicians 

”Shame: A Major Reason Why Most Medical Doctors Don't Change Their Views” By Frank Davidoff, British Medical Journal 2002;324:623-624 March 16, 2002



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