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This page will post recent news articles and events of state, national and international significance as the struggle to protect the genital integrity of all children gains momentum. Be sure to >go to the CIRP site and >NOCIRC for more national and international news.

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Link to: Mervin Gajewski sues State of North Dakota
Link to The New York Times Article 1/23/03
Another State Ends Governmental Payment for MGM
Court Blocks Dallas Woman's Deportation, Citing Threat of Mutilation
March 31, 2002--ANDY ROONEY
Seinfeld--Season 5, Episode 69, (1992-3) The Bris
Boy Wins $1.4 Million for Circumcision 
Female Circumcision is Not Harmful, Says MP
May 13, 2001: NOCIRC founder wins nursing award



Another State Ends Medicaid Payments for MGM

Fourteen states now will not pay to mutilate normal penises.


                                   BIRTH OF A NEW COLLAGEN

McGhan Medical Corp., the maker of
injectable bovine collagen, applied for FDA approval of a new source of collagen: newborn foreskin.


Court Blocks Dallas Woman's Deportation, Citing Threat of Mutilation >

By Lee Hockstader
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 3, 2003; Page A06

AUSTIN, Jan. 2 -- A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the deportation of a Dallas woman who says she and her 3-year-old daughter, who was born in the United States, would be subjected to genital mutilation if she were forced to return to her native Nigeria.

Calling female genital mutilation a form of "torture," the U.S. Appeals Court for the 7th Circuit last Friday granted Philomena Nwaokolo's request for a review of her case to ensure that her toddler daughter is "not forced into exile to be tortured....."


On Politically Incorrect (Friday, 3/29/02) the topic of female mutilation came up. Everyone was ripping on the countries and people who condone it. Then actress Katherine LaNasa (of the television sitcom Three Sisters) said something like, "Let's stop knocking other countries when we condone mutilating boys in America by circumcising them." The conversation got quite heated and she kept talking about how we should not be allowed to circumcise our children, saying how it is equal to female mutilation.

March 31, 2002--ANDY ROONEY:
The study of religion is a hobby of mine but I am more interested than knowledgeable. Any practice can be perceived as religious if enough people, over a long period of time, believe it to be. This helps account for the widespread acceptance of things like circumcision and genital mutilation. Religions have always been concerned with sex in strange ways. Circumcision is an arcane rite in some religions that I never understood.

Seinfeld--Season 5, Episode 69, (1992-3) The Bris
Kramer: We're not talking about a manicure here. Don't believe them when they tell you it doesn't hurt. It hurts bad. It hurts really bad. Imagine, this will be his first memory. Of someone yanking the hat off his little man. I know you love your baby, but what kind of perverts would stand idly by while a stranger rips the cover off his 9-iron and then serve a catered lunch?


Los Angeles Times
Science File
Page A 12
January 21, 2002


   Even relatively short periods of stress may leave brain cells hypersensitive for weeks, according to a group of Israeli scientists who are studying the biological roots of post-traumatic stress disorder.

 Their findings were discovered in mice and reported in the journal Science.  Exposing the animals to stress caused them to produce abnormal versions of a brain protein called acetylcholinesterase, which normally helps chemical messages jump between neurons.


PBS special on the brain also pointed out how plastic and open to influences the young brain is.


  Letters supporting North Carolina's
 dropping of Medicaid payments for infant circumcision:

Two letters published 11/3/01, in Raleigh's News and Observer

Circumcision of infant males constitutes medically non-indicated removal of healthy tissue from a non-consenting minor. While parents may legally consent to the procedure, they must realize that they are doing so for reasons of cultural preference, not for the health interests of the child, who may later hold them responsible for causing them permanent bodily harm.

No major medical association in this country or any other recommends the practice. As a North Carolina taxpayer and concerned citizen I applaud the decision of the General Assembly to remove circumcision from Medicare coverage. This decision, and the evidence on which it was based, should now be reviewed carefully by private health insurance providers, who continue to pay physicians, at subscriber expense, to carry out this unnecessary elective surgery.

Grant Jones


I was literally dancing in my office when I read that Medicaid won't cover circumcision of healthy baby boys. I have always been offended that I am forced to pay for the removal of healthy tissue because parents are disgusted by the way God created their sons. What about informed consent? My son can have his penis circumcised, tattooed and pierced if he wants, but I'm not going to make that decision for him.

Evelyn Walker


Boy Wins $1.4 Million for Circumcision
as Procedure Becomes Increasingly Risky for Physicians to Perform

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
2961 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

A Sacramento, California jury awarded $1.42 million to a 7-year old boy for a botched circumcision. The circumcision was performed by a first-year resident at the Medical Center of the University of California at Davis.

The amount far exceeds the $250,000 legal limit in California medical malpractice cases. The court held that this limit was not applicable due to the hospital’s failure to obtain the parents’ permission to perform the procedure. Following the injury to the boy, the hospital attempted to induce the parents to sign a consent form.

This is the latest in several significant resolutions in circumcision cases, including a 1998 court award of 800,000 pounds (then worth $1.3 million) in the United Kingdom and a settlement of a contentious New Jersey circumcision dispute between divorced parents in which the judge convinced the mother to agree to cease her efforts to circumcise the child.

J. Steven Svoboda, Executive Director of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, commented, "No national medical association in the world approves neonatal circumcision, and for good reason. This procedure serves no genuine purpose and certainly provides no health benefit justifying the potential for significant complications. The poor child in this case had the bad luck to discover this first hand. We can only hope that others will learn from his trauma and circumcision will soon be put to rest along with other outdated practices."


 Female Circumcision is Not Harmful, Says MP

The Nation (Nairobi)
December 4, 2001
Onderi Kebati

Female circumcision is good and should not be stopped, an MP claimed over the weekend. Kitutu-Chache MP Jimmy Angwenyi also declared that he was ready to finance girls willing to be circumcised in his constituency. Mr Angwenyi said the rite was important to the community as it marked a new stage in life, adding that nobody should harass those taking their daughters for circumcision. 

He warned that nobody or any amount of intimidation would stop the community from pursuing its cultural heritage. "Amongst the Abagusi community, the idea of female genital mutilation does not exist as girls simply go for a minor cut of the clitoris," explained Mr Angwenyi.

On the spread of Aids, Mr Angwenyi said the solution lay in abstinence and seeking divine intervention. The MP was speaking at Tambach Secondary School in his constituency during a funds drive for the school.

Elsewhere, in Marakwet District, a women's meeting was disrupted at the  weekend on suspicion that it was opposed to the female cut. A group of men and women stormed Chugor Primary School and pelted classes with stones, accusing delegates and organisers of interfering with their tradition.

In the stampede that ensued, several people including a male assistant chief who had attended the opening session of the seminar, were injured. The one-week workshop was jointly organised by Africa Inland and Catholic churches. The attackers were armed with crude weapons.


May 13, 2001: NOCIRC founder wins nursing award!

Hi Everyone, We won!

More than 500 nurses and their families were at the awards dinner last night. The program began with a salad course and Nurseweek officials who introduced the event and its sponsors, including Little Company of Mary Hospital, SHARP HealthCare of San Diego, UCLA School of Nursing, Kaiser Permanente (wait til Schoen hears about this!), Valley Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and Memorial Hospitals Association (A Sutter Health Affiliate).

After dinner, the five to eight finalists in each category were announced, one by one -- with a short description of each person's work, and they were asked to join one another they returned to their seats, and the next category of finalists was introduced. This went on through all eight categories, including the one in which I was nominated--patient advocacy.

When my name was called, introducing me as a finalist --associated with the word circumcision -- there were mumblings around the room. My husband said the people sitting a couple of tables away from us were snickering and smirking...

This is what I said, after thanking NurseWeek and its sponsors for the lovely event, honoring the work of men and women who have dedicated their lives to service and acknowledging the work that is being done to make the world a better place:

"I want to especially thank those who find  my work worthy because it's not easy to challenge the dominant paradigm, the status quo, or the current medical model and, by recognizing my work, you are really honoring the children: those patients who truly need our advocacy because they are not yet able to protect themselves.

"It was 22 years ago this month that, as a nursing student, I first witnessed a circumcision. I will go to my grave hearing the screams of that tormented baby in my ears. As I watched in disbelief, I began to cry. The doctor looked up at me and said, "There is no medical reason for doing this." Within a year, I'd done enough research to know that the doctor was right, and I began telling everyone what I had learned only to realize that I was talking about "down there" to people who didn't want to admit they had a "down there" much less hear about the harm and horror of circumcision.

"As a nurse, I told parents what I wished someone had told me before my sons were circumcised. I thought every parent had a right and an obligation to be fully informed. I was told to keep my mouth shut. So, I made a video of a circumcision for parents. I was told it was too much for parents to see.  I said, "Perhaps, then, it's too much for a baby to endure!" The video was censored, and, in 1985, I got the ultimate censorship: I was fired….

I accept this award on behalf of the infants and children who need our protection. Your recognition of their need and my work lets me know that we're closer to winning.

"Thank you."

There was no snickering after that.

Nurses from a hospital in Modesto, California, are on the verge of becoming conscientious objectors. They were thrilled to hear about NRC. I'll be sending them lots of material -- including the NRC fliers -- on Monday. Others came to me with personal stories. The evening was profound.

The photos of all the finalists will be on the cover of next week's NurseWeek magazine. It goes to more than 30,000 California nurses -- including the nurses at the College of Marin School of Nursing (who have yet to recognize this graduate) and Marin General Hospital (who are responsible for liberating this talkative crusader...).

We did it! We are closer to winning! I hope you will all rejoice with me….

Love, Marilyn



Stowell Case 


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